BANG: Battle of Manowars

When you aim with a cannon, are you a natural-born strategist or a shooting star? Meet BANG: Battle of Manowars, a new action-RPG, strategy, shooting game, inviting you into the battle of heavy fortresses (a.k.a. Manowars) as it arrives at AppStore.


BANG: Battle of Manowars is all about the magic atmosphere of a fantasy-inspired medieval world, where nasty warlocks fight with wise kings, bear dukes enslave bees while berserk rabbits chase peaceful peasants across the fields. Only a brave hero, Obry Gunpowder, the ingenious mechanic, can decide the ultimate fate of the struggle between two most powerful lands – the Rainbow Kingdom and the Realm of Shadows.


  • Campaign mode features 72 challenging stages of strategic shooting RPG-action!
  • 3 difficulty settings available to accommodate any level of player and beat all levels with three stars rating
  • In-depth game manual and gameplay tutorial available for novice players
  • Use 45 different cannons and 15 various upgradable Manowars to deploy in battle
  • Fast-paced, responsive 3D gameplay and easy to learn, intuitive player controls
  • Upgrade and repair your own mobile tower as you battle your opponents and bomb the living bejesus
  • Tons of extensive bonuses and spells with spectacular effects: gather extra weaponry and strike your enemies with a billion volts, spray them with heavy meteor rains and invade their towers with gigantic bee spells.
  • Inimitable fairytale atmosphere, abundance of humor and epical plot
  • Bright friendly design and music, eye-catching highly detailed textures and unusual genre combination
  • Interactive global leaderboards & unlockable achievements available via GameCenter
  • Retina display support & iOS6 and iPhone 5 compatible
  • Unexpected tactics and explosions, explosions, explosions... :)

BANG: Battle of Manowars is developed by D-Soft group.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Size: 134 MB

Pricing and Availability:
BANG: Battle of Manowars is FREE and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.