Track Runner - American Muscle

We give you a real Muscle car and some tricky, but fun tracks: drive your car in our race-tracks! Of course, driving this kind of powerful car is a lot of fun, but it will be a real challenge! Real life physics will feel you as driving a real car! Try both of the cars, try all the tracks! Practice accelerating! Practice more! Accelerate more! And More! And then be the best ever in Track Runner - American Muscle Car. 
Why? - you ask. And as an answer we ask you back: 
Do you love Cars? Do you love Tracks? Want to try out your skills with a rare, powerful car on 
several of the most challenging racetracks? The feeling of speed and control is inside you every 
time you try to drive something? Did you ever tried a real Muscle Car? No? But you like big engines with roaring sounds and limitless power, right? You surely know that shaky feeling, when the engine is still dormant, but waiting to roar... 
Don't go anywhere else, step into the cabin of our muscle cars, and prepare yourself for the extensive use of the accelerator! Pedal to the metal baby! To be the best around, you must need not only lightning reflexes, very good driving skills and knowledge of the tracks, but you need some really cool cars. We give you the muscle car, we give you the track, and you give us your talent, expertise and reflexes. The result is a win-win! So prepare yourself, start your engine and then go to be the number one on the tracks of Track Runner - American Muscle Car! (And turn up the volume to the others to hear, what are you doing. They'll envy you, for sure) 
- Two accurately modeled Muscle Cars 
- Five different tracks with obstacles and objects 
- Carefully modelled 3D environment with latest 3d graphical engine 
- Simulation based on real-life physics