Forum Rules

Forum Rules

The Catmoon Productions forum provides a warm and friendly environment to the Catmoon community, where you can talk about ideas, offer suggestions and discuss different aspects of the games. The rules below explain what kind of behavior is expected of you, and what behavior you can expect from others.

You must have an active account to post on this forum.

Your forum account is linked to your user account. If you are suspended or banned from the game, you will not be able to post in this forum. However, if you are banned from posting on this forum you will still be able to use the contact menu.

Post in English or Hungarian

Even though the forum is a multicultural, multilingual community, the official language of this forum is English or Hungarian. We kindly ask you to be considerate to those who have difficulties with the English or Hungarian language.

No personal attacks

Personal attacks, commonly known as flaming, are posts that aim to insult another forum member. These types of posts are not beneficial to the community and they will not be tolerated. Do not flame someone for disagreeing with you. Moreover please do not post topics that will stimulate flaming.

No trolling

By trolling we mean intentionally provocative actions aimed at causing grief to our community, by angering and insulting other players. Posts of this nature are disruptive and not welcome on our forum. Also, please do not post comments that are irrelevant to the topic, just for the sake of posting or to inflate your thread count.

No flooding

Flooding is strictly prohibited. Flooding is when a user posts too many threads in a short period of time, sometimes only to stay on top of the forum stats.

Don't post personal information.

Please respect the privacy of your fellow players. Don't give out personal information such as phone numbers or addresses.

Avoid potentially offensive names

Here are some examples of names that are considered inappropriate in our game. Please avoid using a name that may cause offense to others.

  • Names which may be considered racist, nationalistic, discriminatory, abusive, obscene, pedophiliac, or which in some way insult an ethnic group
  • Names which have an offensive connection to the human body or bodily functions
  • Names which make reference to addictive substances or their use
  • Names of historical or political personalities which arouse feelings of suffering or disgust in the majority of people
  • Names which in whole or partly contain copyrighted or registered trademark elements

Do not advertise

This is a community forum, so we kindly ask you not to promote your site/wares. Also, please do not post any off-topic issues.

No politics or religion

Everybody is entitled to have different political or religious views, but this forum is intended for fun and social contact. Politics and religion are topics that can ruin a thread very quickly. Please do not use this forum for political or religious discussions.

Report troublemakers

Do not give to possible hackers or problematic users any attention on the forum. This means not creating topics about them, writing to them or posting their names. Please report any troublemakers to a forum moderator or administrator.

Administrators and moderators

Forum administrators and moderators have the right to warn or suspend forum members who violate the forum rules. Any decision made by a forum moderator can be appealed to the administrators. Your message should include a complete description of the measure taken by the moderator, as well and corresponding screenshot attached if needed. The decision of an administrator is not subject to appeal.

Participation in this forum is a privilege and not a right. We reserve the right to refuse access to this forum to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

Warnings and bans

  • Warnings and bans are not a matter for discussion on the forum, and shall remain private between moderators and users. Questions or comments concerning warnings and bans may be communicated through e-mail or personal messages.
  • Grounds for immediate banning: Posting pornography, remarks which are sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, obscene, racially or ethnically offensive; posts which discuss or illustrate illegal activity. Impersonating a forum moderator or administrator.
  • Grounds for warning: Cursing, swearing, and using an offensive username, reporting false incidents, circulation of false information, or any form of adverting.