City Delivery - The Supplier

You are the only person entrusted to deliver extremely delicate objects in a city full of obstacles, bumps, objects and curbs. Of course, your mission is only complete when you can deliver intact goods – if they fall from your lorry, not only the objects will suffer consequences!
Different objects have different physical attributes, so they need different driving styles. Sometimes you can be less careful, but more valuable objects require total focus, total care and concentration from you!

City Sweeper - Clean it Fast!

Not all vehicles are fast. Not all of them look streamlined. But there is a particular vehicle type, that is slow and looks very differently: it's called street sweeper. Try it and believe me: cleaning was never such a fun! So prepare yourself, go to the city with the best sweeper vehicle possible and clean all those streets - for the benefit of the society and for fun never seen before!

Destruction Race - On the Farm

You are a driver. You goal is to drive a vehicle. But... there is always a but. Now you have another goal as well - to destroy everything in your path! Use your skills to finish the course the fastest possible, but that can be done by anyone. Only the toughest ones can get enough bonuses destroying everything to advance properly!