Scarabeus: Pearls of Nile

Scarabeus: Pearls of Nile is based on the award-winning game released for PDA in 2006, and is a colourful and creative puzzle title. Players must learn to manipulate rotating dials to allow balls to be directed around an interlinked maze, finally uniting sets of four balls of the same colour to release the scarab beetle in the centre of each dial. With richly detailed graphics inspired by Ancient Egypt, this is a highly challenging logic puzzle.
Scarabeus – Pearls of Nile is an award winning, bright and creative puzzle game. With more than 40 levels, players need to use logic to get around the turning cycles and the various colored balls to collect four balls of the same color in the scarabs dial.

Floating Kingdoms

Welcome to the world of Floating Kingdoms™! Serve the Queen as the newest member of the Royal Architect society. Plan your village and gather resources to build a grand palace on each of the various floating islands of the kingdom. Gather resources by playing a wide variety of fun mini-games. Gold, water, stone, flour and more will all be required to build your villages and construct the palaces.