Turbo Sprint

Be the number one test driver, enjoy your 500 horsepower muscle car on the Turbo Sprint! Earn coins for the long run on the road. Longer the run, higher score points, more coins, that's simple! Upgrade your car's tires, brake or turbo for a better performance, or buy more lives. Android version has a super feature, like no other devices in the market: Do you need even more lives ? Then try the "mega life pack" which gives you 10 more lives to be a true champion of the road!

Nitro Sprint

Be the number one test driver! Enjoy your 500 horsepower muscle car on the Nitro Sprint and be the first on the integrated "Game Center" leaderboard! You can easily share your results on Facebook, Twitter or via email. Nitro Sprint is an universal app running on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It supports retina display on the iPhone4. The game is also compatible with older devices, but an iPhone 3GS or better is recommended for optimal performance.

Playroom Racer HD

Playroom Racer HD a new unique micro racer game in top-down racing style for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Playroom Racer HD provides challenging gameplay with excellent HD graphics, fast cars, beautiful and creative racing environments with three different game modes and various control methods. Almost every child played with toy cars, now you can play these sensational races on your iPad. Select your favourite car and playroom and get ready to go. Progress through the races, collect more and more stars to unlock new vehicles and locations.