Track Runner - American Muscle

We give you a real Muscle car and some tricky, but fun tracks: drive your car in our race-tracks! Of course, driving this kind of powerful car is a lot of fun, but it will be a real challenge! Real life physics will feel you as driving a real car! Try both of the cars, try all the tracks! Practice accelerating! Practice more! Accelerate more! And More! And then be the best ever in Track Runner - American Muscle Car. 
Why? - you ask. And as an answer we ask you back: 

Fun Driver : Sports Car

Drive your Sports Car on the highway, city and take a ride in the town as well!  
Just tap and swipe to avoid diverse and funny moving obstacles, collect coins and power-ups, and repair your vehicle instantly any time needed!
Each track is different for each replay, so this game brings endless and casual fun for everyone!
Increase your profit to unlock all tracks, and upgrade your power-ups for greater effect! Pimp your ride with cool looking vehicle paintings, you can be king of the roads! 

Military Driver - Practice

Master your driving skills on the abandoned battlefield in Afghanistan! It’s just you and your cool military vehicle to recon the area. Explore everything and have fun in this destructible environment! This is a free ride, the everyday practice for a military driver, just like you…
Use the touch car control with steering wheel, pedals and reverse shift, or the tilt steering for more authentic driving experience.
Don’t forget to refuel when necessary!